This is a 4-hour "hands on" course for YOU and your mate, dockside onboard your vessel.

Plot your course to boating success!
This course is especially designed to help you confidently navigate your boat, from here to there (and back). Together you and your First Mate will learn to plot a course from "A" to "B." You'll also learn to read your boats present position- latitude and longitude - displayed by your GPS or Loran C and to plot that position on your chart. This will enable you to determine your present position- at all times-and the current range and bearing to your destination / way point.
Learn how to:
Read a chart
Understand all the symbols and lights
Read latitude and longitude
Perform simple chart plots, basic Dead Reckoning
Plot present position
Calculate range and bearing to your destination / way point
Understand and use your GPS, Radar, Auto-Pilot, and any other electronic instruments onboard

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